Conferences and Meetings

BEEPG coordinated three international conferences in east central  Europe. Abstracts of almost all papers were available in Russian, Polish, English and the language of the host university. The immediately following UpDates carry brief reports, and the Banska Bystrica and Brno events were  published in book form, the latter also in Czech.

Psychology in a Changing Europe, 1992 with 50 UK attenders and 200 from east and central Europe, Australia, Germany, India and the United States. In Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica in the Low Tatra mountains of Slovakia, the market town where the 1944 Slovak uprising (SNP) against Nazism began.
Conference proceedings eds; H. Gray, N. Foreman and N.J.Hayes. BEEPG 1996. ISBN 0 952 8807 09.
See banska-program-1995; UpDate 7-winter1995 pp 2-4

Multicultural Education at the Turn of the Millennium 2000 with 180 east European attenders and 30 from the UK, the Netherlands and India. Masaryk University in Brno, capital of Moravia, Czech Republic: ISBN: 80-86589-40-3: together-we-will-learn-brno-conference-titles-authors; Czech version: ISBN 80-85947-82-X: PodporaOptimanihoRozvoje Osobnostideti Prostredi Minorit.
See also UpDate 17-bulgaria

Research Psychology in the New Europe, September 
 2005 in Krakow, Poland’s ancient capital. Full program and abstracts : abstracts-etc-beepg-krakow-2005
See also UpDate 23-clinical-psychology.