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The British and East  European Psychology Group was founded in 1992 to build bridges between researching, teaching and practising psychologists for whom little exchange had been allowed during the Cold War years.  During the following 20 years we established links with almost all main departments of psychology in the national Academies of Science and universities in the former Soviet Union and in East Central Europe with direct links to several hundred individual professionals various of several of whom we hosted int he UK during the 1990s and beyond. We also coordinated 3 international conferences in central Europe, 38 meetings in Leicester and London, and published our newsletter: UpDate  which ran to 29 issues (see Early UpDates;  Country UpDates; and Subdiscipline UpDates).

Featured image above shows the market town of Banska Bystrica in the Low Tatra mountains, site of the 1944 Slovak uprising against Nazism and of BEEPG’s first international conference in 1995.